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Why West Coast Jewelers?

Why Sell to West Coast Jewelers?

You probably know us for our beautiful custom jewelry.

But did you know we're the best shop to work with when selling your gold, silver, and coin collections?

We are STRONG buyers. Get cash for your scrap gold now!


(424) 263-2029

Get Cash For Gold & Silver

If you are a savvy to the bullion market, you know you don't want to go to your typical "cash for gold" place in your local mall. You want to work with a private jewelry company. We pay the most for scrap gold and your old jewelry!

"Cash for Gold" businesses are well known as some of the weakest buyers of gold, often trying to confuse potential gold sellers, or tricking them into selling their valuable bullion (gold, silver, platinum) for much less than it's worth. Even big chain jewelry stores sometimes employ tactics that aren't completely fair to sellers.

But we pay more for your scrap gold, silver, jewelry and coins because we recycle it in-house for new jewelry or to sell to our long list of strong buyers. We don't go through a broker, so we're in a strong position to pay more for scrap gold with cash than anybody else. Call us now to get a quote for your jewelry and see what we're paying for your gold.

We Buy Collections - Jewelry and Coins

Contact Us Today To Sell Or Buy Gold, Jewelry, and Watches

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